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Friday, March 18, 2016


Tyler had been practicing witchcraft now for six months, but he had only perfected a single spell, levitation. His teacher gave him a bit of advice: keep working on what he did know and keep trying new spells. It basically meant Tyler was levitating all the time while trying just about every other spell in the book.

It was quite unexpected when one of those other spells actually worked. Tyler hadn’t even realized which spell it was, but he could tell it had worked. Then he caught a glimpse of his own body and realized it must have been a body swap spell. The woman now in his body was shocked to see her own body floating in the air, and she ran. Tyler had no hope of casting the spell again in time before she ran off; he wasn’t even sure how he had done it.

Not that he minded. In fact, over the next few weeks, this new body seemed to allow him to focus on his spells much more. He soon was picking them up left and right. His teacher was quite proud at Tyler’s new progress. As Tyler thought about it, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was his old body that had been holding him back.

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