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Monday, March 28, 2016

Understanding (Part 2)

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Blake was relieved. The appointment to reverse the swap that had placed his head on Julie’s body was tomorrow. He couldn’t believe he had spent an entire month like this. He had started out in good spirits, but as the days went on, he realized being a woman had a lot of drawbacks -- especially being a woman with a man’s head. But he kept telling himself that everything would be back to normal tomorrow. That is, until Julie whispered down to his ear.

“I canceled our appointment tomorrow. But you better not panic or freak out if you ever even hope to get your body back one day,” She told him, “And on top of that, this will be your last day wearing pants. It’s all skirts and dresses from now on. In fact, you are going to do everything exactly as I say without any complaints.”

Blake was horrified. He wanted to object but he knew Julie was serious. In fact, she had gotten very aggressive and demanding in the past month. He wondered if it was the hormones from his own male body affecting her brain. He tried to relax. Sure, she was going to keep him like this a little longer, but how much longer? She did seem to offer hope that he’d get his body back one day. His heart sank as he heard someone yell “Freaks” as they snapped a photo of the head swapped couple.

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