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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Construction on the site had been halted a year ago and security had stopped coming shortly after. Just about everyone in the neighborhood was pretty sure the building would never be finished. While many considered it an eyesore, Jason enjoyed sneaking in and checking out the half-complete structure. He knew it was probably illegal, but he doubt anyone cared. One day as he was exploring around the site, he heard voices. He crept quietly and peaked around a corner to see a man and a woman sitting on the floor with their legs crossed. There eyes were closed and they were chanting. Jason figured he wasn’t the only one who liked the fact that this building was abandoned.

But then it got weird. As the couple completed their chanting, they began to change. The man became a woman and the woman became the man; in fact, they each became the other to be more specific...even down to the clothes. It was weirdly fascinating for him to watch as their bodies morph. Jason was so engaged in it, in fact, that he didn’t notice a change was happening to him as well. He was close enough that he was sucked into the couple’s spell. He was swapping bodies with the next closest person, which just happened to be a woman passing by. It would be quite a while before he noticed his own change...

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