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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Alyssa didn’t want to miss her important business meeting, so she asked a pretty big favor of her husband, Tom. They hadn’t used the strange device in the their basement for years, but Tom knew exactly what she was talking about. Before long, Tom was out the door and heading to catch a flight to go to his wife’s meeting in her place. He wasn’t sure he could pull it off. For starters, what did he know about his wife’s job? Probably not enough to pull this off. He had also screwed up when thinking about his wife to initiate the transformation, which resulted in his breasts being much too large. Otherwise, he was a nearly perfect copy of his wife.

Of course, the biggest problem wouldn’t be the business meeting, it would be when Tom returned home. After years of disuse, it would seem the morphic adaption unit in their basement only had one final charge in it, and they had used that to turn Tom into a copy of Alyssa. The couple would find it completely impossible for Tom to use the machine again once he returned.

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