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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Constructed (Part 5)

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It didn’t take very long before Jason was feeling pretty confident about his ability to walk in heels. In fact, after about thirty minutes, he felt like he strutting his stuff, holding himself up poised, and feeling just a little bit sexy about it all. Heck, he was beginning to think that accidentally getting sucked up into this whole magical body swapping was just about the best thing ever. Now, there was still the matter of getting out of here, and he had no idea once he got out if people would recognize him as who he really was or the body he was in now. If it was the latter, he was instantly curious about her life; the sort of life he’d be living as long as he had this body. If people still thought of him as Jason, what would that entail? There was no way of knowing because, well, it was all due to magic, right? Magic could do anything. After all, magic gave him this body.

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