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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Subway Ride

When I got on the train I saw her and positioned myself across from her. She was cute and it was the perfect place to catch glimpses of her as I pretended to look at things on my laptop. She had a quirky style that I found adorable. I thought many times of calling up the courage to stand up, walk across the subway car, and talk to her. But something stopped me. I was pretty sure that after three stops or so I was simply outright staring at her. That’s why it was so odd when she seemingly just disappeared. She must’ve gotten off at a stop, but why hadn’t I noticed? My eyes had practically been glued on her; how could I have missed her leaving? I kicked myself for not building up that courage to talk to her. It wasn’t until the train arrived at my stop that I noticed what had happened. I placed my laptop into a small red bad beside me, and I had to do a doubletake. I didn’t own a red bag. The bag was very familiar; I recognized it. I looked down at myself and recognized the outfit as well. It was the outfit worn by the woman I had been staring at. It wasn’t hard to realize that I wasn’t just wearing her clothes; I had become her. I had gone from a man lusting after a woman to become the object of my lust. It was a strange mix of joy and worry. I gathered her belongings and headed off the train at my stop. I wondered what sort of life I had now. Hers? Mine? A mix of the two? Did she have my body now and leave the train without noticing? I had so many questions.

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