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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


It was the first holiday since the Great Shift, and it would be the first time the Carver family were all in one place since the incident. It wasn’t hard to figure out who was who; they had all been in regular contact in the period following the Shift, and they had all described their bodies in detail. They all knew that Alex was now in the body of a young Asian woman, but they were still shocked when he arrived wearing skimpy clothing and flaunting his body. He had been quite conservative when he went off to college and didn’t expect this sort of behavior from the formerly quiet and reserved young man.

“You’re all just jealous that I got the hottest body out of the Shift,” Alex boasted to his mother, who was now in the body of a gray haired man.

“I’m hot,” Uncle Merv interjected, “I’m a cute blonde woman, but you don’t see me showing off.”

“You should,” Alex retorted, “But it’s because despite the fact that your body is young, you are actually old. I’m REALLY young, both in mind and body, and I’m ready to live my life how I wish I could’ve before the Shift!”

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