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Monday, March 14, 2016

Science (Part 4)

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While Anthony wanted to buy clothing that covered up this body a little better, he didn’t want to extinguish the rush of sexuality he felt completely. He bought some new things and paired them with stuff from Rachel’s wardrobe into outfits that he felt comfortable enough wearing. He felt a strange sense of confidence and pride in his appearance -- a feeling that was quite unfamiliar to him. He was starting to wish that he didn’t have to give this body up for the summer, and that he could keep it much longer -- maybe even forever. Of course, he knew that would violate the controls of the experiment. He also considered that it was the experiment itself that was making him feel these things; that they weren’t his thought, but somehow the thoughts of Rachel’s body having influence on him. He may be looking sexy now, but he didn’t want to betray his scientific mind!

1 comment:

  1. very good story. I can see hat body influence him. But he bette r be careful if he goes through wiht steakkingher body wouldn't he lose his college credits &* she gain them?