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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Brian had been waiting on the curb for a while; Jacob was supposed to come and pick him up over an hour ago now. Of course, Jacob had driven by, because he hadn’t seen Brian anywhere. Of course, this was due to a rather odd occurrence. Just before the two men were scheduled to meet up, Brian had bumped into a woman on the street. A strange phenomenon caused the two to swap bodies. Brian had sat down on the curb and begun to wait without even noticing the fact that he was in an entirely different body. Jacob then came by without seeing Brian at all, but a woman instead. He drove past several times, noting the woman, but also no sign of Brian (as far as he could tell). Brian was finally getting fed up with waiting. He reached into his pocket for his phone, but soon realized they were empty; his pants far too tight to contain anything in them. Then he realized he was carrying a purse, and suddenly Brian was starting to realize...

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