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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Malcolm knew he shouldn’t have been in the building after hours, but he still never expected anything like this! Surely, even the best security systems couldn’t transform someone’s gender; there had to be some weird experiment taking place -- and Malcolm wanted to find it.

Malcolm tried looking at his new body for some clues. His clothes had changed along with his body. If it was a simple alteration to his DNA, wouldn’t his clothes stay the same? And spying his reflection in a window, he discovered that he wasn’t even the same race anymore. He was convinced it wasn’t so much a transformation as it was a body swap. But who was this woman that he swapped with? She didn’t exactly look like a scientist, so maybe she was some sort of volunteer? Perhaps even an unwilling one.

And if he hadn’t found himself in a different place, that meant this woman now had his body at wherever in this building they were doing the experiment, which meant they might be looking for him...

Friday, April 29, 2016


The idea of losing one’s luggage on vacation is an expected risk of travel; the idea of losing one’s entire body on vacation must be an exclusive risk of returning from a trip to Exchange Island. Justin didn’t exactly have the best time at the resort. He had swapped with an 80-year-old man, and ended up spending a good chunk of time in bed. He was told he would swap back to his normal body on the return flight. But he was a little surprised as he kept rapidly swapping with quite a few passengers. He spent a few minutes as a young child, a heavyset Hispanic woman, and an Asian businessman. He even swore he was in the body of a stewardess for a moment before he finally seemed to settle in the body of a blonde woman wearing all black.

When he landed, it was explained to him. The woman with his body apparently missed the flight. Without his body on the flight, he was swapping crazily as everyone got back to their normal bodies, except for him, of course. Justin bounced around from body to body until he wound up in the only one available -- the woman who had his body. He guessed it wasn’t all bad; this was way better than the body he had while on the island, even if waiting in the airport wasn’t exactly a fun experience to have this body. As he waited for the next flight to come in, he got the bad news. The resort wasn’t sure they could do anything to get him back to his rightful body now that he was already on the main land; he might be stuck like this.

Justin sighed, “Great. Just great!”

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fail (Part 5)

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Over the next few days, Jeremy and Grant grew to love being in the bodies of Ja Ling and Becca, and they grew to love their relationship with each other. They were both hoping the biotech studies department would never find a way to switch their bodies back. So far they hadn’t, but both of them knew it was only a matter of time before they did.

They needed a plan if they wanted to keep these bodies. And they were both thinking the same thing. It would involve dropping out and running away together. They also knew they had to act fast. Ja Ling was already lecturing Jeremy on a daily basis about how he humiliated her. It was only a matter of time before she heard about how people on campus were calling her a lesbian because of his relationship with Grant in Becca’s body. But maybe they could use those rumblings to justify running away completely. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fail (Part 4)

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After class, it was Grant who confronted Jeremy. “I can’t believe you did that,” Grant told him.

“She called me stupid,” Jeremy replied, “I couldn’t let that slide.”

“Yeah, but we have the bodies of women! And you’re interested in petty revenge over something stupid she said? Come on, aren’t you interested in...other things?”

“What are you asking?”

“I’m asking what you’re doing after your classes are over?” Grant said with a smile.

“I think you and I are hanging out back at the dorm, yes?”

“Oh, yes.”

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fail (Part 3)

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Overall, Jeremy felt pretty proud of himself. He made Ja Ling look fairly dumb without actually risking her grades. That’d teach her to call him stupid! He couldn’t wait to repeat the behavior in all of her classes. He’s give her a reputation that would embarrass her for months once they finally got their bodies back. Of course, he’d the one to suffer that humiliation over the next few days until they were able to switch back, but it seemed like a small price to pay...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fail (Part 2)

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When the weird body swapping accident in the advanced biotech studies department caused Jeremy, Ja Ling, Becca, and Grant to all swap bodies, Jeremy had originally planned on just laying low while in Ja Ling’s body until they could swap back. Then she had to go and call him stupid. Now he was out for revenge. He didn’t plan on failing any of her tests, but he sure did plan on asking lots of dumb questions.

When the teacher started talking about the theory of relativity, he raised his hand and asked, “So, this Einstein dude...when DID his hair turn all white like this? It’s like seriously never NOT white and stuff? Was it caused by a physics accident?”

The teacher just rolled her eyes and said to stop wasting time, but Jeremy just raised his hand again, “How can m stand for mass in this equation? I thought we had a separation of church and state in this country?”

He kept going like this for the entire class. The teacher just stopped calling on him. Most of the class now rolled their eyes when he kept raising his hand.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fail (Part 1)

“Okay, look, I get that we all swapped bodies,” Becca sighed, “But I I talked with the advanced biotech studies majors responsible; they say we’re stuck like this for at least a few days until they can sort this all out. We’re just going to have to pretend to be each other during that time.”

“But why did HE have to be in MY body,” Ja Ling whined, “He’s just so dumb. He could ruin my straight A average in that time!”

Jeremy crossed his armed and gave a smug expression, “Yeah, it sure is a shame I’m so dumb! I might fail so bad that you get kicked straight out of here.”

“Now, come on, everyone,” Becca tried to regain control, “We all need to do our best. Let’s not to raise suspicion. If you started making Ja Ling fail, Jeremy, people might notice something is up!”

“Okay...I’ll TRY not to fail,” He replied.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Calm Down

“I know it’s crazy that we swapped bodies, Todd. And I know you are probably haven’t trouble dealing with the hormones triggered by my PMS, but you need to calm down.”

“PMS? Jen? Does that mean I’m going to have your...” Todd paused, “I don’t even want to think about it. We need to figure out how to reverse this body swapping thing, and we need to do it NOW.”

“Don’t you think I’m trying? Do you think I want to be you?” Jen asked, “But being hyterical like this is not going to help us find a way back to normal. You just need to calm down!”

Friday, April 22, 2016

Act Your Age

As much as he tried to mentally prepare himself for what would happen on Exchange Island, Eric was still caught off guard when he got out of the plane and found himself swapped into the body of another guest. Part of what made it so jarring was the fact that he swapped with a gorgeous woman. It wasn’t exactly easy to adjust to being a new gender with a curvy body. Still, he was excited to be someone else for a week.

The first thing he did after checking in was changing into a swimsuit to hit up the resort’s pool. He couldn’t believe how fit this body was and how well it filled out the suit. Among the items he found in the woman’s suitcase was an ID. Eric became even more shocked to find that this woman was in her late 40s. She kept the body in incredible shape.

He may have tried to push that information to the back of his mind, it kept coming up as he strutted around the pool. He kept wanting to cover up just a little more, feeling like he was dressing too revealing for this body’s age. He may have tried to tug up the swimsuit to hide some cleavage, but it didn’t do any good. It was far too tight, and all the tugging in the world wouldn’t do much to re-adjust the way it fit or what it showed off.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Neil had told himself it all had to be a dream. No matter how it felt, it couldn’t possibly be real. He told himself that he might wake up at any time. But he soon fell asleep and woke up again, and the great weight he felt on his chest told him that his nightmare was not only far from over, it might just be the new normal. He was sure that being a woman wouldn’t be so bad, but a woman with breasts this large? Well, this was something else. They were heavy and uncomfortable. It was difficult to do even some basic tasks with these things. He was sure they weren’t real, and if he was indeed wasn’t dreaming and instead stuck in this body, he’d probably have to go see someone about getting them reduced.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fair and Square

Two days ago, John had received a phone call asking about negotiating prices for him to swap bodies with someone. John probably would’ve laughed it off, had the Great Shift not swapped the bodies of billions of people the week before, leaving John himself now in the body of a gorgeous woman. Now, he was sitting face-to-face with a square-jawed man in his 40s, who was wearing a very expensive suit.

“Nothing’s public yet,” The man explained, “But we have developed body swapping technology at my company.”

“And I’m guessing this body was yours before the Shift, and now you want it back?” John asked.

“Oh, heavens no! But we were in negotiation with Miss White before the Shift, and I had prepared to pay her three million dollars to swap with her. I do hope you will consider keeping her arrangement with me. You would be getting a fantastic deal, as this body I ended up in post-Shift is far better than my old 80 year old body that Miss White would’ve swapped with.”

“I happen to be quite fond of this body though,” John mused, “In fact, I’m not at all sure I want to go back to being a man at all...even for three million dollars.”

“Perhaps I can up the ante a little? Say, five million? You wouldn’t even have to end up in my body. There are countless men at my company now in the bodies of women who would want my current body...”

John cut him off, “Send me the photos of them. If I see any one I want, then we have a deal. If you don’t hear from me, then I’ll just be keeping this body...I did get it fair and square.”

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What a Wedding

Katie couldn’t help but smile. It was such a weird day, but she was having fun. It started out with her getting ready for her wedding. The ceremony was perfect, but things got strange soon after. Just as the couple stood up for a toast, their heads fell off their necks and started rolling around the floor along with some of the guests. Those unaffected looked on and gasped as the headless bodies picked up random heads and placed them atop their necks. Katie was a little shocked when she found that she had her mother’s body from the neck down, and just as shocked to see that her own mother now had her young body. After getting over the initial shock, Katie just decided to have fun. Despite her age, Katie had to admit that her mom’s body didn’t feel sore nor uncomfortable; her mom had kept in pretty good shape. Thinking the odd phenomenon would repeat and everyone would return to normal eventually, Katie just decided to have fun with it. However, her new husband, whose head was now atop the body of the maid of honor, sat in the corner sulking. He didn’t like the thought of his bride now having the body of a much older woman, and he certainly didn’t like the fact that he now had the body of any female at all!

Monday, April 18, 2016

No Lecture

It was a night of heavy drinking for the two old pals. They hadn’t seen each other in a while, but Matt unloaded all the reasons why. He had loved his wife when they married; she used to be so much fun. But now all she did was lecture and nag. Frank listened intently, formulating a plan in the back of his mind. By the time he stumbled home, it seemed like a very good idea. He searched for the incantation his grandmother had given to him and slurred it out before crashing.

Frank expected a hangover the next morning, but instead woke up feeling great. He looked around. He wasn’t in his own home but Matt’s instead. He had almost forgotten about casting the spell, but then he looked down to see the body of Matt’s wife, Chrissy. He showered and got dressed, so far loving every minute of being in Chrissy’s body. But then he realized Matt wasn’t there. Matt must not have come home after drinking last night. Frank was worried. Was he hurt? Was he cheating? He told himself that no matter what, he wasn’t going to lecture Matt when he finally arrived home.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Area (Part 3)

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Henry took a few steps. Suddenly, walking in heels felt easier, and he giggled as his thoughts drifted to thinks like shopping, makeup, and guys. He caught himself and tried to regain his composure. He stopped giggling and a serious expression came back to his face, he thought about his meeting that he had to be at, and as he did this, walking in the heels became difficult once more.

He realized the area may have affected his mind as well as his body. He had to focus if he wanted to prevent himself from thoughts about very girlie things. There was a big trade-off though. When he let himself slip, walking and moving felt more natural and easier.

He fought it to the point where the thoughts merged in his head. He knew he needed to focus, because his boss would be very upset if he missed this modeling gig. It all made sense to him now.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Area (Part 2)

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It made sense that the city would quarantine these weird body swapping areas, but right about now, Henry was wishing they were a bit more accurate with their boundaries. Apparently, being close enough could trigger the magic of the area, and he ended up swapping bodies with a woman. Now he was going to have to go to work this?

He looked down at his body; he hadn’t even taken more than two steps, and this body was already distracting him. The way these hips swayed; the weight of this hair and these breasts; the breeze blowing up the short skirt.

Still, if he missed the meetings today, he’d be in big trouble. He had told his boss that he’d be in today no matter what. He guessed being stuck in a completely different body was still in the category of “no matter what.” He’d have to go in like this. Of course, it was going to be hard explaining this to any of his co-workers.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Area (Part 1)

Henry was walking to work when he saw an area blocked off by the city. They had been sectioning more and more areas off for unexplained reasons. The rumors about these areas were nothing short of amazing. There was talk of magic happening in these places, unpredictable magic, but it all seemed too fantastic to believe. Even though he was running a little late, Henry didn’t want to take chances with this weird zone. He planned to walk around, but just as he turned around, he felt a jolt. He could immediately tell something was very different.

The rumors weren’t wrong. The areas apparently had some sort of body swapping magic. And it appears that the city hadn’t sectioned off quite enough space this time. Henry found himself swapping bodies with a woman on the other side of the blocked off section. The good news is that he was now significantly closer to work now; the bad news, he was sure this gorgeous body was going to be quite a distraction for him the rest of the way there. He wasn’t even sure he could go to work looking like this. How would he explain this to anyone?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fun (Part 2)

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At the store, Ron picked out a sleveless top and a short skirt. He decided it was cute but not slutty; perfect for the club he hit up next. He ordered a drink and pulled out Maddie’s purse. But the bartender insisted that the drink had already been paid for, then he pointed to some guys. Ron didn’t even glance; he was just feeling pretty good about getting a free drink. A few more later, and he was moving on the dance floor. He was sure this was the best night out that Maddie’s body had ever had; heck, he was starting to think this might be the best night he had ever had! He ended up staying out until 4am and was very drunk. After stumbling home, the alarm blaring in the morning was easily ignored. By the time he made his way into work, it was nearly noon. Maddie, in his body, was furious. Being late meant that they missed the swap back. They’d be stuck like this for another week now. Despite a pounding headache and a nasty hangover, Ron decided he was okay with that.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It all still seemed pretty crazy. After an accident at work, Ron swapped bodies with Maddie, one of the accountants at the company. Any time Ron thought he had imagined the whole thing, he just looked in a mirror to remind himself. They weren’t the only ones affected, and the company promised to get everyone back to normal the next morning. Thankfully, that meant he only had one night trapped in her body. She seemed like such a prude with the way she dressed and her attitude. Then again, with him in control of her body for the night, she didn’t have to be. He had to admit that she was quite attractive. He would just have to show off her wild side by hitting up some clubs this evening. He might have to hit up a mall first. He wasn’t sure he could go wild wearing this frilly blouse or lame sweater. He was sure that ‘Maddie’ was going to have more fun tonight than she ever had in her life combined, she just would never know about it...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Traffic Jam

Jerry was stuck in the middle of a traffic jam when the Great Shift hit. Once he realized he was in a different body, in a different car, he rushed back to his own car where he found his wife’s body sitting there with her hands rubbing up and down her body. Jerry explained the situation and the person now in his wife’s body just sat quietly for a moment before responding.

“Well, if you’re looking for your body, it ran out of the car as soon as this whole thing happened. I decided not to rush to any conclusions myself. I started exploring this new body of mine, and I have to say that it ain’t bad. I think I can cope a-okay with becoming a woman if it’s one as attractive as this. Now, if you don’t mind, close the door, I’d like some privacy with my new body. That is, unless you want to come in here and join me for some sort of lesbian fun? Your new body ain’t so bad either, and would it really be cheating? After all, this was your wife’s body.”

Jerry did think about it for a moment before his expression turned to anger. He slammed the car door in the face of what had been his wife up until a few moments ago. He didn’t want to think what kind of scum controlled his wife’s body now, but he wanted no part of that.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Have Fun

“And just what do you think you’re wearing?”

Paul turned around to hear the small voice ask him. He looked and sighed, “You need to accept that this is not your body anymore, Jen. It’s my body now thanks to the Great Shift, and that means I can dress it any way I like. Sure, I humored you for the first week or so, but it doesn’t look like this massive body swapping thing is going to reverse itself anytime soon, so I’ve accepted who I am now. And you need to accept who you are now, too. I get that it’s going to be tough for you, seeing me in your former body. And it’s also going to be tough that you ended up in the body of a 7-year-old girl. You’re going to have to go through the whole process of growing up all over again, and maybe you’ll end up just as attractive as you I am now. And that will be your body and you can do what you want with it. Until then, just try to have fun. You have a second childhood ahead of you, so many people would kill for that kind of opportunity. I know I am going to have my own fun with your body...”

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reality Sets In

Marco hadn’t remembered falling asleep, but he was sure this was a pretty interesting dream. It felt like he was in a woman’s body, and he was having the time of his life running his hands up and down to explore it. The weirdest part was how real it all felt; this body responded in ways he couldn’t even imagine.

Of course, he’d be a little more upset when he realized that he wasn’t actually dreaming. He had actually swapped bodies with a woman. While he may be having some fun right now, he certainly didn’t want to deal with all the social aspects of being a woman. He’d have to deal with lower pay, being cat called on the street,  going to the gynecologist, and a while lot more. The fun he was having right now would wear off soon as reality sets in.

Friday, April 8, 2016

A Drink First

Quite a few things had changed since Richard’s previous visit to Exchange Island. It had become quite a bit more trendy, attracting quite a few new shops and plenty of high end guests. Of course, he was quite happy with the body of the spoiled rich woman that he ended up in, but he had serious qualms with most of the outfits she had brought with her. He felt quite silly wearing some of these things. Of course, with all the new stores on the island, he was sure he could find a few things to buy to wear for his stay...but maybe a drink first?

Thursday, April 7, 2016


It was still pretty hard to believe. After Greg had finished up on the witness stand of the high profile case, the government’s lawyers had him quickly escorted outside into a van. He was driven to a safe house where the procedure took place. Only a small number of people knew that the witness relocation program had such a service and only a select few ever qualified. Greg was one of the few. At the safe house, his mind was transfered into a new body. He was given a folder with information about his new life. He was now a woman by the name of Ellie Chan. She had gone brain dead a few years back, but the government had preserved her body. Greg felt weird about the fact that it was his body now being preserved somewhere in this building -- with Ellie’s brain now inside. He tried not to think about it as he read over the notes. But he was constantly distracted; it felt weird for him, being a woman now. He wondered if he should have refused to come forward or refused to testify. He knew it was the right thing to do, but if he didn’t, he’d still have his own body and his own life.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Looks Matter

“Honestly, John, I don’t know how you think you’re going to pull this off.” Kelly said, “I mean, look at how you’re dealing with my body. Did you find that shirt in the back of my closet? It barely fits me any more. The buttons are practically popping off. You aren’t going to be able to pass yourself off as me forever.”

“People will ignore the little things,” John sighed, “What matters is that I have your body. I look like you. People will believe their eyes. That’s all that’s needed to pull this off. Hope you enjoy being stuck in my body.”

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Secret Body Switching Machine (Part 4)

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It had been a good week so far. Daryl loved living Jenna’s life in the city as a marketing director. Just about everything about her life just felt so natural to him. Still, for the weekend, he returned upstate; though he stayed a pretty good distance away from the farm. After all, the bodyswitching machine was still there, as was Jenna in his body. He didn’t want her doing anything that could result in having her steal her body back. Maybe he was just a little bit homesick though. And was it possible he was just a little bit body sick as well?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Secret Body Switching Machine (Part 3)

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It wasn’t hard to find the woman’s car, nor was it that difficult to get it back up and running. He couldn’t imagine her driving this thing in the city, but he checked the glove box to find the rental documents. He found out where this woman lived and her name, Jenna. He drove the car by the barn again; he still heard Jenna pounding on the pod and screaming. He knew that no one would hear her. The rest of the family probably wouldn’t notice that Daryl was missing until dinner, and he’d be long gone by that time. This seemed like a very good plan.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Secret Body Switching Machine (Part 2)

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Daryl was pretty excited about finally being able to use the bodyswitching machine on his family’s farm. The woman now trapped in his body was still in the barn, stuck in one of the locked pods. For the time being, he was just running around the farm, enjoying the new body; being a woman was a change of pace that was particularly enjoyable.

As he wandered around, he realized how much he loved this. He thought about stealing her body permanently. He had probed her pretty extensively earlier; he picked up a bunch of information. It would mean a move to the city; it would also mean leaving her stuck with his body. And he’d probably have to leave the bodyswitching machine here on the farm with her, which could potentially cause all sorts of chaos. But, then again, he’d be far away from it all by the time she got out.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Secret Body Switching Machine (Part 1)

Loosely based on this story from

Daryl wasn’t exactly excited when his family moved to a farm in the remote countryside. But finding a weird bodyswitching machine in a barn out back made it a little more interesting. He got a little bored switching bodies with his best friend Zack, and he couldn’t convince anyone else to try it out.

Then one day, he discovered a woman standing in one of the farm’s fields. Amongst the chickens, she complained that her car had broken down nearby, and her cell phone didn’t seem to get any bars anywhere around here. Daryl smiled, realizing he might be able to trick her.

He said he could help, but he needed to get some parts. As he brought her to the barn, she told him about her life in the city. Daryl made as many mental notes as possible. He brought her in, and told her to sit down in one of the pods while he gathered everything. She waited patiently, as Daryl sat down in the other pod. His heart beat in anticipation as he activated the machine, excited to be swapping with someone who wasn’t Zack for the first time...

Friday, April 1, 2016

Couldn't Wait

“You used the medallion while I was down at the pool, didn’t you?” Kelly asked her husband, Phil.

Phil knew there was no use trying to lie. It was obvious he used the medallion, considering he was standing there in an exact copy of his wife’s body. He had hoped just to try it, to see if it worked like he had heard. Of course, he had hoped to be able to transform back into his own body before she got back. He hadn’t planned on the twelve hour waiting period.

“Yeah,” He confessed, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t wait.”

“It’s okay. Maybe we should go back down to the pool together, and have some fun pretending to be twins? Or maybe I should use the medallion to turn myself into you? It might be fun to be the man in the relationship for a while, and, of course, I expect you would play the part as my doting wife until we switch back.”