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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Diet (Part 2)

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Jonathan had been so overjoyed to have lost weight in an instant thanks to being swapped into a new body by the Great Shift that he didn’t consider the fact that keeping this new body thin might take some effort. In fact, he celebrated his new body with a great big meal. And he kept up the way he had been eating before the Shift...with no exercise as well. It didn’t take very long before his new body began to gain quite a bit of weight. In fact, after a year, the amount he had gained was considerable.

He didn’t think it was much of a problem, since he still weighed less than he had in his old body. Of course, he hadn’t taken into account his new body was shorter than his old one, nor did he consider the differences between men and women. It didn’t take him long to be back to an unhealthy weight.

Despite this, he still enjoyed embracing his new femininity. He still loved wearing dresses and heels. Plus, despite the extra pounds, he was damn sure that he still looked hot as hell.

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