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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Time to Recharge

The distance from the subway to Vicki’s office wasn’t far, but Ted was still having trouble with it due to the heels on his feet. He spread his arms out to help keep his balance. He didn’t want to wear the heels, but he didn’t have much of a choice; he had promised to keep up appearances. Or, rather, he was blackmailed into it.

He had been as surprised as anyone when his latest attempt at a brain swapping machine had actually worked and he ended up switching bodies with his neighbor, Vicki. It would take a few days for the machine to recharge to full power, and Vicki promised not to tell anyone about the weird machine on the one condition that Ted continue to do her job and keep all her appointments until it was fixed.

Ted was pretty sure that Vicki’s basic accounting job would be pretty easy for his genius level intellect that he agreed in an instant. What was much harder for him was getting up for work in the morning and looking presentable, as Ted was a bit of a slob who made his own hours.

Ted rolled his eyes when she explained that she had to be work by nine. When she tried getting him to wear a dress, he protested. He talked her down to a pair of nice slacks, but she became insistent on the heels. On this point, it was Ted who finally caved. However, he quickly wished he hadn’t. The walk from her place to the subway was tough, then he luckily got a seat on the train. Now he was back on his feet again, and he was sure he looked like an idiot. If he was trying to present a reasonable illusion that he was really Vicki, he was starting to think the way he walked awkwardly in heels might give him immediately away. He couldn’t wait until his machine was recharged and he could get back to normal!

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