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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Quiet Girl

For as long as Jacquie could remember, she always had a crush on her best friend Maya. Of course, she could hardly admit to herself that she was a lesbian, let along Maya. She just sort of pushed those feelings down even as Maya started dating Paul.

Jacquie hated being a quiet girl who couldn’t express this aloud. She even had a stereotypical job at a library. But one day as she was reshelving books, a piece of paper came out of one. A handwritten note inside claimed to be a body swapping spell. It was easy to be skeptical, but Jacquie was also a little bit curious. She went into the bathroom and read the spell with a clear target in mind: Paul.

She was surprised when it instantly worked, and she suddenly found herself in Paul’s body. The first few days were like a dream. She made out with Maya, they watched movies together on the couch, and they even made love. Jacquie was in heaven. But cracks soon began to appear. Maya started to become distant, their intimate sessions soon stopped, and Maya often decided to sneak off. One day, Jacquie decided to follow Maya. It wasn’t much of a surprise that she went to the club; Maya was always a bit of a party girl. What did surprise her was that Maya was there dancing and making out with Paul in her old body. Maya saw Jacquie, turned and smiled.

“Did you really think Maya would be fooled for long?” Paul asked, “Come on. She knew something was off almost the day after we first swapped.”

“I can’t believe you never told me you were a lesbian, Jacquie. Didn’t you know I was bi?” Maya added, “But it’s about your body; it’s about who you are. You are just too gentle, too meek. It’s just not my type. I’m staying with Paul...even if he has your body now.”

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