Tuesday, March 21, 2017


It was in the 90s when Jim made a ton of money off the dotcom bubble. It was easy for him to retire early and sail around the world on his yacht with his beautiful girlfriend. Unfortunately, while in the middle of the ocean, they hit a reef. Jim was sure he could fix it if they were on land; luckily, they spied an uncharted island in the distance. However, as they approached, things got weird. Quite unexpectantly, Jim and his girlfriend ended up swapping bodies. It was more than disorienting for Jim, and it inhibited his ability to repair the boat. His girlfriend’s body wasn’t strong enough to lift a lot of the materials, so he had to bark orders at her as she did the work.

A few days passed before they were able to fix the yacht up well enough to leave the island. After they got a safe enough distance off, they swapped back to their own bodies. Out of curiosity, Jim turned the boat back toward the island. When they got close enough, they swapped again. It seemed crazy, but there was only one possible conclusion, something about the island swapped people’s bodies. Jim thought about what he could do. He could build a one-of-a-kind resort. It might be hard to convince construction workers to build something here, but he was sure he could charge people a lot of money for a vacation where they literally spent time off as someone else. He jotted down the coordinates, eager to return to the place he and his girlfriend had called “Exchange Island.”

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