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Sunday, March 26, 2017


No. No, no, no, no, no. Steve was heading back to the lobby at the Exchange Island resort. He wasn’t going to spend his vacation in this body. No, they’d have to let him swap with someone else. He didn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, want to be a woman for two weeks. He guessed he knew it was always a possibility, and he even tried to go with the flow. But after spending about 45 minutes in this body, he knew it wasn’t for him.

Unfortunately, Steve could complain as much as he wanted, but there was little the staff could do for him. The body that you swapped with when you arrived on the island was the body you were stuck with until you left, and there wasn’t any possible thing anybody could do about that.

Steve wasn’t exactly satisfied with that answer. He yelled, he screamed. The staff even offered a full refund, but Steve kept insisting that money wasn’t the point. He just couldn’t do it; he couldn’t deal with being a woman. The manager finally had to pull Steve into her office to go over the fine print of the contract he signed. She told him that she knew he was upset, but the legal language was clear. When she still didn’t calm down, she finally snapped. She snarled that he only had to deal with being a woman for two weeks, while she had been stuck in the body of a woman since taking this job five years ago. She informed him that he just needed to suck it up or he could spend the two weeks in a special jail-like room that they had made in the basement for the worst of the worst guests.

Steve finally shut up.

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