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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Identity Theft

Brian didn’t quite know what to expect when he downloaded an app called “Identity Theft.” He couldn’t even remember exactly how he stumbled across it. When he opened it, the interface looked weird. It simple had access to the phone’s camera with a button and the text “Select a Target.” He snapped a few photos and got the error message, “No Target Found.”

He didn’t think much of it until a few hours later when his friend Suki showed him a small painting she had made. He pulled out his phone and took a picture of her with it, not realizing he was taking it with the Identity Theft app. Then the most unexplainable thing happened, Brian began to transform.

His hair grew out, his facial features softened, even his clothes changed. In a matter of seconds, he had transformed into an exact copy of Suki! Her jaw dropped as the two just stared at each other for a minute. Then the changes continued. This time they affected Suki, as she changed into a copy of Brian. They stared again at each other, realizing that they had effectively completely swapped bodies.

Brian pulled out his phone and began to explain about the app that he had downloaded. It seemed to be completely frozen with Suki’s face on his screen. He couldn’t even seem to force quit or turn off the phone. He showed her.

Suki then pulled out her own phone and downloaded the app. Sure enough, she opened it up and found the prompt to “Select a Target.” She tried to take a picture of Brian to swap back, but an error message came up on the screen: “Target Already Selected by Another User. Please Select Unique Target.”

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