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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Those Who Can't Do

Just about every student in class hated Miss Wang. Sure, the guys would admit that she was nice to look at, but she assigned a heavy workload and she was very strict. Warren didn’t even think she was that smart. He knew it was pretty arrogant, but he was pretty certain that he knew just about everything she was teaching and that he could do a better job than she could. He was prepared to test his theory with a spell he found on the internet. He mumbled it quietly at the end of class, and he soon found himself swapped into her body. He was hoping to have the evening to prepare before starting to teach class the next day, but before he could leave, another teacher informed him that he was handling detention duty today.

Warren groaned. He didn’t want to spend the next two hours looking after the biggest slackers in school. He forgot that teachers had to do this kind of crap from time to time. As the few students filed into Miss Wang’s classroom, he was a little surprised that they all just took out books and started studying. About fifteen minutes in, one of the students raised their hands with a question. Warren saw this as the first opportunity to show off. He understood the question, but explaining the hows and whys to the student was a lot tougher. Warren was humming and hawing with difficulty. Being a teacher was about more than understanding; it was being able to articulate that understanding. Warren’s heart began to race. The spell would last a week. How was he ever going to lead a class if he couldn’t teach?

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