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Friday, March 3, 2017

Salvage (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Howard walked back to the lobby of the abandoned building. The first thing he learned was that running around in six inch platform heels wasn’t exactly easy. Of course, with the amount of debris on the ground make taking them off an implausible option as well.

When he looked out to the parking lot out front, Howard discovered a second problem. Thankfully, his truck was still there, but someone had cleaned out a lot of the tech equipment that he salvaged from the building. It was at least half gone. Frustrated, he put his hands on his hips.

He could go back and grab more. Of course, with this smaller frame and with these shoes, he’d move slower and have to take more trips. Doing so might just give more opportunity to whoever raided his truck. He could just make do with what they didn’t take. It was going to be hit or miss if he had taken the right equipment and parts to build his own transformation machine. Maybe the right things were still in there; if he had even gotten the right things in the first place. Finally, he could make the long trek back to the object that had transformed him into this woman.

He stood there pondering his options for a few minutes. Ultimately, he decided to take his truck back home. He’d unload everything into his basement and get to work. If he could build something to get him back to normal, that’d be amazing; if he couldn’t, he’d come back. He’d go back to that weird glowing object and be transformed again.

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  1. Very nice. The first was good, but the second even better. Perhaps he is not in an alternate reality and will run into his old self. More please.