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Sunday, March 12, 2017


Greg knew that his girlfriend Amy had been looking forward to prom for months. The last thing he wanted to do was disappoint her, but the Great Shift occurring the week before certainly complicated things a little bit. Greg knew his situation wasn’t THAT bad. He and Amy had simply swapped with each other; he was now in her body and she was in his. Considering that some of his classmates swapped with the teachers or their own parents, he knew he actually had it pretty good. At least he loved Amy, and, plus, Amy was hot. However, since the Shift, Greg had worn mostly jeans and t-shirts; now Amy was talking about how excited she was to see Greg wear the dress she had bought weeks ago. She told him the best salon to get his hair and makeup done at.

He groaned quietly to himself as she spoke of it all, and he groaned aloud when he actually went through with it all, spending hours in a chair to get done up for the big night. He finally arrived on Amy’s doorstep with a sour look on his face, but he began to cheer up when he saw how delighted she was with how he looked.

He was so uncomfortable, but he told himself that it was all worth it if it made her happy.

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