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Sunday, March 5, 2017


“I can’t say the results of the Great Shift have been completely easy for me,” Margaret told the therapist, “i don’t want to sound racist, but being an Asian woman is just different from being white. I think I’ve adjusted well enough though. My husband on the other hand...”

“I’m a chick,” Lance blurted out, “I’m a fucking chick.”

“He hasn’t adapted so well. Though I’ve lent him all the clothes and makeup he could possibly need, he refuses to act ladylike.”

“That’s because I ain’t a lady!”

“And how’s your physical relationship?” The marriage therapist asked.

“Better than ever,” Margaret piped in, “He’s a much more kind and gentle lover now.”

Lance scoffed, “Dude, I can’t even possibly get a hard on anymore. How do you THINK I feel about our physical relationship?”

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