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Monday, March 6, 2017


Isaac lived on the farm his grandparents had bought when they were young. He hated going down to the city, but the past few growing seasons had been weak. An ad in the paper offered a lot of money for participating in an experiment. The ad was scant on details, but Isaac was desperate. He needed the money to keep the farm going, and he’d do anything for that farm.

The researchers had created an “opposite ray.” Isaac seemed skeptical; it seemed more than outlandish, but for what they were offering, he agreed. Sure enough, after they zapped him, he began to change. Suddenly, instead of being a down to earth white guy, he was transformed into a stylish black woman. They asked him to experience his new life and return in two hours to report how he felt and get his payment.

As Isaac walked outside, he couldn’t believe he was doing this. He’d have to spend the next two hours wandering the city as a woman. He knew he hated the city, but then he realized that no longer seemed to be true. He thought about the cash he was going to get to save his farm. Then he realized he didn’t even care about the farm anymore. Did he even need the money anymore? He certainly FELT rich now. And, for that matter, did he even want to go back two hours later to return to normal? He knew he had enjoyed being a trashy redneck from the country, but right now he was completely grossed out by the idea of becoming a trashy redneck from the country again. He had truly turned into his own exact opposite.

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