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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Walk of Shame

Just about everyone knew about the Walk of Shame, a ritual of walking back to your place in the morning while wearing the clothes you had worn the night before after hooking up with someone at the club. For the past five years of so, Bill had successfully avoided the ritual by always making sure to invite the women he picked up back to his place instead of going back to theirs. He never expected the tables to be turned on him like this.

It all started normally enough. He arrived at the club to scope out the women. He noticed an Asian woman in a blue dress; he bought her a drink; they started dancing. It wasn’t long before they were making out and he had invited her home. It continued to move quickly until they had both collapsed on his bed together after their throes of passion. In fact, the afterglow was probably the best Bill could ever recall. He felt a tingle all over and a little bit lightheaded.

It felt so good, in fact, that it took him until the next morning to realize that things weren’t right. At some point in their passion, the two had apparently swapped bodies. Bill was horrified. It wasn’t just because he was a woman, but because he’d have to put back on her blue clubbing dress and walk back to her apartment to get a change of clothes.

He had hated doing the Walk of Shame as a man; that’s why he did all he could to avoid it for years. But doing it as a woman was even worse! Not only did he feel the sweat of last night with yesterday’s clothes on his body as he walked, but the stares of people, particularly men, judging him or checking him out were just beyond weird.

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