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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Chores (Part 1)

With his father out of town on business, Curt had gone into the basement to fool around with some of his dad’s inventions. He had no idea the device he was messing with was a body swapper. It was bad when he activated it by accident, and he swapped bodies with his mom. It was worse when the thing caught on fire.

It wouldn’t be able to be fixed until Curt’s dad got home, so Curt and his mom came up with a plan. She’d go to school in Curt’s body for the next few days, and he’d take care of her chores.

Curt had to admit he had a pretty exciting first day. He had grabbed a milk from the fridge, dropped his mom off at school, then hit the stores for some groceries and other stuff. Driving was a fun experience with only a few small scrapes on the car! Then it was just a matter of picking out food for dinner and such. It didn’t seem hard at all!

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