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Friday, June 28, 2019

Happy Ending (Part 5)

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The woman came in complaining. She complained about her job; she complained about how she couldn’t find a husband; she complained about Jason’s outfit. Jason hadn’t considered swapping with a woman at all over the course of his four years stuck as Joon, but he began to ponder swapping with this woman as he massaged her. She was probably about as old as his original body. She had come in with designer clothes and an expensive purse. He also figured a few years in Joon’s body might humble her, make her appreciate what she had -- so he took out the stones.

Soon the woman’s body drifted off to sleep. Jason found himself getting tired as well. He awoke a little while later now inside the woman’s body, feeling more relaxed than he could ever remember. He saw Joon’s body passed out in a chair. The massage parlor owner was sitting there. “So this is who you picked,” The owner stated, “I think you picked wisely. You are welcome back at any time, but I think if she sees you, she will want to kill you. Now you probably better get dressed and leave before she wakes.”

Jason smiled. This wasn’t the type of happy ending he expected, but it was certainly a happy ending that was well deserved.