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Monday, June 17, 2019


Daniel played the incident at work off like an accident. The body swapper was a prototype that Daniel had developed, but when he used it with his college aged intern Lin, he pretended like he had no idea how he happened. He said he’d work hard to investigate and fix the error, but that they should pretend to be each other in the meantime. He just wanted a little bit of time to explore Lin’s body; to experience being a woman. But as it turned out, Lin had a very busy schedule. She had several roommates, and between classes, her internship, and a part time job, Daniel had absolutely no time to just experience being Lin. That is, until he saw “gym time” on her schedule. He relished changing in the locker room, and he used every opportunity to try and excite himself. But honestly, he still just wanted to be along with this body and do every time imaginable to it...

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