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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Happy Ending (Part 2)

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Jason sat up suddenly when he heard someone coming. An older woman entered, explaining she was the owner of the massage parlor.

“You probably have a lot of questions,” The woman began, “The woman’s body you now inhabit is named Joon. She came to this country illegally some years ago. I offered her a job and an opportunity. The basic fee of the massage would go to be to pay for room and board. Any tips she could also pay to me to save up for an enchantment. Once she saved enough, I would enchant the stones used in the massage so she could swap with a client. About two years ago she saved up and chose to swap with a man named Harvey. I made the same deal with Harvey. He hated being in Joon’s body. He did anything to earn higher tips such as wearing skimpy outfits, allow men to touch him, whatever they wanted. He had saved up just enough right before you arrived, so he swapped with you. So I make you the same offer. Keep in mind that you may refuse, but if you do, Joon’s body lacks the papers to apply for most jobs, you will likely be deported by immigration, you will have nowhere to live.”

Jason sat nervously, feeling scared and confused before he finally answered with a thick accent, “I agree to your terms. Please let me stay, Ma’am.”

The older woman smiled.

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