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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Happy Ending (Part 3)

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For the first few weeks, Jason wore sweatpants and avoided any sort of verbal contact with the people he was giving massages to. The tips were low, and he calculated he’d need to work for ten years before he could save up for the swap. So he modified his approach and started to wear skimpy outfits and flirted with the guys (and even some of the women). It certainly improved his tips! However, even at this improved rate, he’d still be stuck doing this for the next five years.

He imagined what Harvey had to do in order to be able to save up after only two. He could only imagine some of this things this body had done; things that he certainly didn’t want to do! In fact, there were a few times when a client did touch him inappropriately, and he protested. It usually meant a bad tip (or no tip at all), but there were just things he was going to flat out refuse!

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