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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Take a Vacation (Part 1)

In hindsight, Evan really wished he had listened to his wife about not bringing work with him on their vacation. He just couldn’t help himself and kept tinkering with a small prototype in their resort room. He hadn’t planned on actually activating it, but a slip of his screwdriver did just that. The small device whirred into action, and the next thing he knew, Evan had swapped bodies with a woman in the neighboring room.

That wasn’t what the device was supposed to do at all!

He quickly got to work on more calculations in order to properly reverse this. After all, if he just blindly reactivated the device, he could’ve ended up swapping more people. So he went to work with pen and paper to try to eliminate any possibility for error. The fact that he was now a blond woman wearing a bikini didn’t even phase him; he needed to focus.

Meanwhile, the woman now in his body was with Evan’s wife doing her best not to freak out. She was pacing. Worrying about what she was going to tell her husband if Evan didn’t fix this as soon as possible.

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