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Thursday, June 6, 2019


Nicholas had just been walking down the street when he suddenly felt winded, as if he had just run miles even though he knew he hadn’t. He held onto a lamppost in order to support his tired body when he noticed something was strange. Instead of his three piece suit, he was wearing a pink top and tiny shorts. A strand of blond hair fell in his face; he noticed the painted nails on his hand. It was dawning on him that he had swapped bodies with a woman that had been jogging nearby, but where did she go? Had she not noticed? Surely she probably got a second wind by swapping into his body, but he couldn’t imagine it would be easy for her to run in his suit. It would feel as strange for her in his body as he felt being in hers! He didn’t know how to swap back, but he was sure he couldn’t swap back if his body was completely missing! He had to find it!

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