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Sunday, June 23, 2019


“Oh hell yes!” Melvin exclaimed, “I’ve paid out more than a pretty penny to visit Exchange Island over a dozen times, and I’ve been waiting to get a body like this! This is amazing! I feel bad for the person stuck in my scrawny, pale, nerdy body, but I always feel bad for whoever gets my body.”

Of course, this time Melvin felt particularly bad for the person stuck in this body, because this time he’d be activating his invention. If all went according to plan, the device would emit a pulse that would ensure everyone on the island kept the bodies they were currently in. He had perfected the device a few visits ago, but he was just waiting for a body he’d enjoy being stuck with in order to test it. Of course, that meant everyone else on the island would be stuck too, but he didn’t care that much. And the impact should only be limited to current visitors, allowing future vacationers to enjoy the island’s legendary effects.

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