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Monday, June 3, 2019

Playing Along

Josh’s little sister, Amy, always asked him if he wanted to join her tea party. Sometimes he obliged but often he didn’t. And since he started attending college, he just didn’t have time for his baby sister anymore. She pleaded with him one day to join her, but he refused, explaining his girlfriend was on the way over. Amy grew furious. When his girlfriend arrived, Amy pulled out a weird coin and the next thing Josh knew, he had swapped bodies with his girlfriend. Amy told him that she wouldn’t swap them back unless he participated in her tea party. She made Josh wear a frilly pink dress and play “waitress,” telling him to get some cookies from the kitchen. Josh felt humiliated like this. He didn’t want to be in the body of girlfriend or participate in this tea party. He certainly had no idea how Amy had made him swap bodies with his girlfriend, but he didn’t want to risk making her mad and not swapping back, so he played along...

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