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Friday, August 16, 2019

Alignment (Part 2)

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Over the next few weeks, Jason had to do a lot to get settled with his new body. He had to contact his own body, then he found where this body lived. He had to figure out travel arrangements to get home. In the meantime, he lived in this body’s apartment and wore her clothes -- she sure owned a lot of pink! Then there was the task of convincing people who he really was. The body swapping only affected a few hundred people at most, so it wasn’t the easiest of tasks. Jason knew going back to work like this was going to be awkward. He was actually relieved that he had broken up with his girlfriend last month. Government offices were probably the worst until apparently the CIA quietly intervened. Then there was the aspect of simply adjusting to being a woman. He had to deal with carrying a purse and being gawked at by men, the different feelings of this body and tighter clothing. All in all, he thought he was doing pretty well, but this wasn’t easy!

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