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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

An Hour

An hour. Jonah had an hour stuck inside Deborah’s body as the swapping machine reset. He decided to hit up the gym. He knew it wouldn’t be his body getting the benefits, but working out was just something he did to calm down. It was sort of weird working out with Deborah’s body. The sweat collected in different places, and things swung in different ways. He was sort of glad for it to be over, and was ready to get back to the lab to get his body back. But then he checked his phone. There were about a hundred text messages on there from Deborah and the guys at the lab. There was some sort of error or mistake. It appears Jonah would be stuck in Deborah’s body for at least a week. He groaned. He signed up for this because he thought it might be an interesting experience for an hour, but a week? That was way too long! He couldn’t be a chick for that long! He’d go crazy!

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