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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 1)

The invention that Josh had made in basement was nothing short of impressive. He stood inside a booth and was transformed into pure energy. This energy could then be directed back into the machine and turned back into matter. It was revolutionary! Josh had tested going back and forth from human form to pure energy several times on a closed loop in his basement without incident so far, but he really wanted to test the potential of this machine. In his brief time in energy form, Josh noted that he oddly still seemed to have his senses about him. He could see, hear, and smell everything, even though it zipped by him a way that was blurry and distorted. Taking a deep breath, he removed a control loop and tried again to turn himself into energy. He was no longer limited to the confines of the machine. He zapped out of the house and nearly instantly found himself at a park many miles away. He was excited about the implications for traveling from one place to another in a fraction of a second. He was about to head back when he saw a woman practicing yoga in the park. He felt an attraction, like he would be turned on if he still had a body. He wanted to get closer, but precision control was difficult as a being of pure energy. He was fearful that getting too close would kill her -- like being hit by a bolt of lightning, but he also found that he couldn’t fully control himself as he got closer and closer....

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