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Friday, August 2, 2019

Confusion (Part 2)

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He went outside and sat down -- the only place where there appeared to be chairs -- because his feet hurt. He noticed there were heels on his feet. Had they always been there? Why was he a woman? He couldn’t remember anything. Why was he sitting outside this house? Was he waiting for someone? Was this his house? He peeked inside. He didn’t see any furniture, and the doors didn’t appear to be locked. He kept repeating many of these actions over and over, always seemingly forgetting and rediscovering. The last remnants of who he had been needed to fade before new information about who he now was could be planted. He eventually stopped thinking about if he had been male; assuming any discomfort with his feminine body was just due to the fact that he couldn’t remember much of anything -- even things that should be second nature like the weight of breasts and the feeling of long hair. Then those feelings became normal. Then new memories slowly started to slip in. She had just moved into this house. She was looking to start a new life, to escape. But escape from what? She still had questions. There were still so many questions...

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  1. mysterious, & Interesting story, good pics like the emory bot of new memoris slipping in