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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Greater Possibilities

John had discovered the powers of the Medallion of Zulu about a week ago, and ever since he had been thinking of ways to best use its powers. It started with a visit to a thrift shop to buy a dress and a bit of jewelry, transforming himself in the dressing room as to not feel awkward buying women’s clothes. Then, now transformed, he took a few selfies and joined a dating app. Sure enough, he did get a few hits. Then he scheduled a dinner date each night and proceed on a fairly set schedule. He got off work at 5, use the medallion to change himself into a woman by 6, go to dinner and get the date to pay, go home to sleep, and use the medallion to transform himself back to normal in the morning. It was a pretty good way to get a free meal. However, he had the power to transform himself into anyone. Surely, he could pull off something a little more daring than simply a few free meals? As he sat with a dinner date he began to ponder the greater possibilities.

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