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Friday, August 23, 2019


It had been a very long, cold walk for Julian, but he was finally back at his home. He could tell whoever was now in his body was somewhat apprehensive about anyone approaching. Julian put on a big smile and showed his hands.

“Look, I know you’re in the wrong body, because that’s my body. I’m in the wrong body too. I think everyone is. I walked a mile to get back here -- it wasn’t easy; I’m not used to being a woman yet. But I wanted to get back to my house. I know where the key is; we can go inside and warm up. I can tell you what I know. We can turn on the TV. All the new reports are talking about this; they’re calling it ‘The Great Shift.’”

The person inside Julian’s body was a little skeptical, but it did make sense. He did find himself suddenly outside in a stranger’s body. It wouldn’t hurt to be warm. Plus, maybe he could really heat things up inside with this Julian guy -- the woman’s body he ended up in seemed to be pretty hot.

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