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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 2)

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Josh couldn’t to do anything to stop what happened next. His energy form crashed into the woman -- right on her forehead. He could no longer see her anywhere, but he also didn’t see a charred corpse or anything like that. However, things suddenly seemed different for him. The world seemed to be going at normal speed again. Things still felt a little blurry and weird though; it also seemed like he had a headache. Except he began to wonder how that was possible. He was pure energy, he didn’t have a head to ache in this form. He lifted his arms to his temples -- arms? How did he have arms? Yet there they were -- except they weren’t HIS arms. It all started to come into focus. He wasn’t himself; when he hit the woman doing yoga, he must have possessed her or something! He now had her body! For all intents and purposes, he now was her!

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