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Monday, August 5, 2019

The Portal

Yesterday, Edwin had gone down a narrow alley in Chinatown and came across a wall with a mural, except that his mural seemed to be more of a portal. With nervous curiosity, he went through it. On the other side, he discovered that he had been transformed into an Asian, female version of himself. He found that it he put just his hand through the portal, just his hand would transform. If he stepped halfway in, he’d be half and half.

Figuring there would be no harm spending a bit of time on the other side of the portal, he went exploring. Things seemed mostly the same at first, but it seemed everyone in the world had swapped genders and races. He soon discovered things were actually a little worse in this parallel world. He was nearly attacked by some men on the street because he was wearing pants, eventually forcing him to change into a dress and heels. While he knew women didn’t have it easy in his world, in this one it seemed they were practically required to obey men. This didn’t seem like a good deal to him, so Edwin returned to the portal.

Except when he returned, the portal was gone, and the mural was just a mural. He was stuck in this strange, alternate reality!

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