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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Day at the Museum

Jeff knew quite well that you were never supposed to touch the artwork in a museum, but one particular sculpture called out to him. He just couldn’t resist taking a finger and placing it upon the smooth stone. What he didn’t expect was the jolt of lightning he felt upon touching it, nor his soul zapping halfway across the museum into someone else’s body.

He would’ve thought he might be upset about becoming a woman, but right now all he could feel was happy. He wondered if this joyous feeling was a further effect of touching the sculpture and the body swapping curse it seemed to contain. He thought about running back to it to check on his own body, but he also found that he had a hard time even caring about it. He seemed much more concerned about enjoying he was now and forgetting who he had been.

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  1. Oops if you did not know already "Day at the Museum" is missing its picture.