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Thursday, August 15, 2019


Jason had been excited about the alignment for months. It would be the first time in nearly a million years that all the planetary bodies in the solar system would align. Sure, there were plenty of astronomers on the news who said there was nothing particularly special about the event, but Jason still wanted to get t the exact spot on Earth to line himself up with all the celestial orbs. He wasn’t the only one. A small crowd had gathered awaiting the exact moment. Jason checked his phones as the seconds ticked down.

Then the moment passed with no supernatural occurrence. But just as Jason was about to feel a little let down, there was a flash. For a moment, he felt at one with all the heavens, but it quickly passed as he found himself back down to Earth. Then the commotion started.

People were shouting and screaming. Jason soon learned why. He had been swapped into someone else’s body -- as he imagined everyone else had as well. His surroundings seemed to be different as well. It took him a bit to realize, but they were all now on the complete other side of the planet, a second spot where everything would also be aligned. They had all swapped bodies with the people who had gathered there. Jason seemed to be in the body of a woman with a pink top. While he had been hopeful something would happen, he never expected something like this!

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