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Monday, August 12, 2019


It wasn’t exactly Trey’s plan to steal the body of a blonde suburban white mother, but he figured it was still the perfect disguise. He knew his crime spree of robbing the stores in his neighborhood would eventually come to an end; heck, because of the body swapper he had bought on the black market, he knew it was even going to end with him in a different body...just not this body. He had been stealing from those stores and stashing the cash for the better part of the month. He figured the police would eventually show up; he had always planned to keep the swapper close by and swap with one of them when they came around. He never expected this blonde chick to be right there when it happened. He must’ve misfired or something. Finding himself in her body had been weird, and seeing the cops shoot him former body was a shock. But he also realized it meant they’d never catch him. He could tap into his stash whenever he wanted, and no one would suspect this body of anything. Of course, she had two brats at home and an obnoxious husband. They were all surprised by the sudden attitude and fowl language of their wife or mother. Trey didn’t really care. He’d do the best he could, but despite what he looked like, he knew who he was on the inside -- a bad as thug with amazing street smarts.

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