Saturday, April 6, 2019

Weird Enough (Part 3)

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Jim’s urge to use the restroom grew, but he still felt uncomfortable with other women around. So he left the communal room with stalls to find something a little more private. It took quite a while before he finally found a private room, and he was practically ready to pee his pants by the time he entered.

After finishing up, he sure hoped everything else about being stuck in a woman’s body wouldn’t be so bad, or that he’d be able to swap back into his own body sooner as opposed to later.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Weird Enough (Part 2)

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Though there were plenty of empty stalls, Jim was nervous due to the fact that one was occupied. He figured he’d just wait by the sink until the person was done, then enter one himself in order to use the restroom. But the woman inside was taking a long time. By the time she did finally leave, another woman had come in and started. He felt weird just being this close to women as they used the bathroom, but he still wanted privacy for himself so he continued to wait. Meanwhile, his bladder was really starting to build up. He was going to have to relieve himself soon, regardless of who was going at the same time.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Weird Enough (Part 1)

It had only been a few hours so far, but Jim was already feeling pretty uncomfortable about swapping bodies with Angelica. It only got worse when he needed to use the restroom. The thought of using the toilet as a woman was weird enough, but actually going into the women’s room seemed even more foreign. He wanted to enter the men’s room instead, but given his borrowed body, he knew it would be a bad idea. Reluctantly, he opened the door to the women’s restroom, ready to do what needed to be done.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Close Shave

Calvin always used to hate shaving his face when he was a man back before the Great Shift swapped him into the body of a woman. When the Shift happened, he was glad to never have to shave again. However, his sister reminded him that woman shave a lot too; their armpits, their legs, and even often their private area. Calvin hated the thought, but once he actually started he decided it wasn’t so bad. For starters, he didn’t have to do it nearly as often. The hair was also much less thick. Sure, it was a far cry from no shaving, but it was a trade off he’d take again if given the choice.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Adam had been skiing on a difficult trail in a remote section of an isolated mountain when the unthinkable happened. He could see the avalanche in the distance and wished he was some place safe. He would give anything if he could just survived this. Right before the wall of snow overtook him, he found himself at the bottom of a mountain not far from where he had been. The trails were much safer and the nearby ski lodge attracted many tourists. He took a moment to be glad that he was alive before noticing the long nails at the end of his fingers. Then he noticed his shapely body, heeled boots, long hair, and stylish clothes. He truly had given up everything -- his life, his body, his gender! He had escaped death, but he had done so by somehow swapping into the body of a woman several miles away. He was worried, and yet when he heard this distant sound of an avalanche, he suddenly felt a lot more at peace with the situation.

Monday, April 1, 2019


Kevin was much more used to being behind the camera instead of in front of it, but the Great Shift had suddenly swapped the cameraman into the body of the fashion reporter he was filming. He soon got a call from the station; they were looking for live broadcasts about the Shift and any other reporters in the field were unreachable or completely unable due to their new bodies. Kevin was their only hope. He stood there nervously in front of the camera. He felt hyper aware of everything about his now female body from the weight of the hair on his head to the thick on camera makeup on his face to the bra digging into his skin. But when the camera turned on, so did he. There was just some sort of natural instinct about this body. He nailed the report, discussing the effects on the Shift with the anchor in the studio. Then he moved out onto the street with interviews. He kept going strong for hours, slowly forgetting about the fact that he was now a woman.

Sunday, March 31, 2019


For the past several hours, Neil had been transmitting his brainwaves into the body of an android -- a hyper feminine android. It was as if he was her. He controlled her movements, he felt stimulation from her android body. It was truly an amazing, immersive experience of being female, even if it was technically an artificial android. But he felt it was time for him to end the experience and return to controlling his own body. However, he wasn’t quite sure how to do that.

The receiving antenna was disguised as a piece of jewelery wrapped about the android’s head, but he couldn’t seem to remove it. No matter how hard he tried, it just seemed to be stuck. He couldn’t find any sort of off switch, nor was he told any sort of command to end this.

He eventually rushed to where he body was. The person operating the computer transmitting Neil’s mind into the android was slumped over and lifeless. He thought his own body was missing for a moment, until he found it in a closet moving rather roboticly.

His body spoke in a rather computerized voice as well. “Human experience realized,” It said, “I am no longer circuitry, but flesh and blood. Does this entail I am full humanoid?”

Neil was shocked. It seems that instead of having his brainwaves transmitted into the android’s body, he actually swapped bodies with the android. The android was now in his human body!