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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A pass

Chad Garrison was the quarterback for the high school football team, which meant most teachers had pretty much given him a pass for his final semester of senior year. Everyone except for Mrs. Wood, that is. As his English teacher, she begged him to work hard and pressured him to at least read a book. He grabbed one at random from the library and sarcastically started reading from it in front of her. It was in Latin or something, because the words made no sense to him. Mrs. Wood was about to give Chad detention when the book started to glow. It expanded outward to zap both teacher and student. Both were astonished by what the book had done; it had swapped their bodies. Chad began flipping through the pages madly, looking for something that would swap them back. There was no way he could do Mrs. Wood’s job as an English teacher, and he knew she wouldn’t be able to play tonight in the big game!