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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exicitng and exotic

It had taken a lot for Clifford to convince his wife to vacation on Exchange Island. She was worried about swapping into a random body; he promised her it would be exciting and exotic. Once he got her to agree, Clifford was ecstatic. He had no idea what unfamiliar body he’d end up in. His heart was racing as they arrived, and then the swap happened. Clifford ended up switching with his wife. He ended up being a little bummed out about it. His wife’s body wasn’t different or exotic; he saw it every night. He was so hoping that he’d be switched with a stranger.


  1. He needs a good slap. He should be smiling being in his wife's sexy body!!

  2. Sucks when you have to spend a tropical island vacation in your wife's body. I feel his pain.