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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pick (Part 1)

Gary had his body stolen about a week ago. Ever since then, he had been stuck in the body of a cab driver, but cab he drove had the magic power to allow him to switch bodies again. He often spent nights looking for just the right victim to swap with, so far not finding anyone quite to his liking. Then he saw a group of friends outside of a bar, flagging down a cab. They were bar-hopping, which meant he could have his pick of any of the seven if he wanted. Two of the guys were too overweight for his taste; the other looked like a bit of a nerd--though he did consider the potential paycheck for such a body. That left the women. Though he hadn’t considered picking a woman before, something about this group felt different. He was drooling over each one of them, developing a strong desire to become one of them. But how would he ever pick? There was a blonde with a quick wit, the short spunky one in a leather jacket, a feisty woman with red shorts and a fur hat, and a quiet brunette who seemed like the girl-next-door type. This was going to be a tough decision!


  1. Good story & inspired use of pic. I normallyh don't much like Taxi stories but this one is good

  2. What ever happened to My life as a women?