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Friday, August 17, 2012


David had agreed to help Amy test out her latest invention, a body switching machine. He was shocked to find out the device worked, causing him to end up in her body. He immediately asked to switch back, but she told him that she needed to analyze data before doing so. The entire day passed, and Amy told David that she’d take him to dinner to thank him for his assistance. As they sat, David kept trying to work in ways to ask about swapping back, often talking with his hands -- a trait that Amy had back when she was in her own body. As dessert came, he asked once more.

Amy laughed, “Even if I could use the device again to give you your body back, why would I? I love your body! Plus, I will get way more respect as a scientist being male than I ever would have being female! You’re stuck, David!”


  1. I hope he knows how lucky he is that a dumb bitch like that is stupid enough to give up her sexy body ;)

  2. Exellent story & useof pikc. nie touch that he was talking with AMy's hands. Amy sure wasn't a good friend