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Monday, August 13, 2012

Scientific breakthrough

Visiting the rainforest was a dream come true for Grayson. He had studied for years to become a biologist and knew the unexplored terrain could hold many secrets. His first day out, he got bit by an unidentified bug. He tried to catch it, but it proved elusive. He was worried the next day when he felt ill. Soon he started to rapidly lose weight.It took about a week for the bug’s poison to take full effect in Grayson’s system. He had been hoping to find something unique, and he sure found it! After a recovery period, he returned to the rainforest. He needed to find that bug again! It was truly a unique species that had been capable of completely changing his gender with a single bite! If he was able to extract the poison, he might be able to engineer a reversal and get back to being a man. However, even if he couldn’t and he remained a woman, the scientific value of the bug’s gender-changing poison would be a breakthrough!

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