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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Jorge had been working as a janitor at the hotel for years. He made less than minimum wage with no benefits. If he tried to complain, Ms. Hamilton, the hotel’s owner, would threaten to deport him. Like many on staff, he was in this country illegally. One day, there was a problem with the hot water, and Ms. Hamilton demanded Jorge go down to the basement to figure out the problem. He tried to explain that he knew nothing of the mechanics of a hot water heater, but she wasn’t listening. As he made his way to the basement, Jorge heard a loud bang and was knocked to his feet by an explosive force. He stood up feeling different. He looked at a mirror in one of the hotel’s hallways and soon figured out why. The reflection looking back at him was Ms. Hamilton’s! The force had somehow caused him to switch bodies with her. A smirk came across his face. If he was now in her body that probably meant that she was now in his. It would seem that it was time for a little bit of revenge.


  1. I hope everyone appreciates the double the number of captions!

  2. I do appreiate all your efforts & doouble the captions - well double the fun.
    Thisone is both funny & ironic with a very good story & super use ofpic