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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Angry (Part 1)

Michelle laughed. She could hardly believe her plan had actually worked. She had tricky Clark to use a magic spell to switch bodies with her. Now she was in his body, and he was in hers! It was a dream come true for her; she had always dreamed of being a man. Social pressure had made her act and dress feminine for many years, but now she was free to do as she pleased! Meanwhile, Clark inside of Michelle’s body simply looked angry.


  1. Superb caption and use of picture. Its nice the woman wanting the swap instead.

  2. itto mad swppers comments. But anothermulti aAHHHH! pls finsh some of your others.

  3. I don't consider anything ever "finished;" I always reserve the right to go back to old stories and add to them. Then again,
    I consider many of these able to be ended at any point in time -- even if I never get beyond Part 1 and even if that end is fairly open ended.